Christy Turlington

Bringing her iconic beauty to another magazine cover, Christy Turlington fronts the Better issue of Vs magazine.

While striking a few poses for the Karen Collins-shot spread, the 45-year-old supermodel opened up about her modeling career, including the aspects she doesn’t enjoy.

Christy Turlington

Check out a few highlights from Miss Turlington’s interview below. For more, be sure to pay a visit to Vs!

On her least favorite thing about modeling:
“I don’t particularly enjoy being photographed so who the photographer is really matters. The entire team is really important and I don’t like walking into a room of strangers anymore and then having to perform for them. I am feeling a little over-exposed at the moment, so am hoping to step back again for a while.”

On her busy modeling schedule:
“It this point in my life and career, time is most precious so every minute counts and I can’t justify wasting time. I have a full-time pursuit in my advocacy work and in motherhood so everything else comes after. I enjoy modeling from time to time—more than I did when it was a daily job.”

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On her fashion industry views:
“[Fashion] is a very international community so we are exposed to a lot that others are not – and that can help to provide perspective. The fashion and beauty industries are comprised of girls so their health and well-being should be a concern.”