Kate HudsonKate Hudson has claimed that she can’t afford designer clothes, therefore, she has to borrow them. Hudson said that she doesn’t live a glamorous lifestyle and all of the couture clothes she wears are borrowed because she “can’t afford” to buy them. She said that she d o e s n’ t own her red carpet wardrobe, not because she doesn’t want to, but because the d e s i g n e r duds are too pricey.

According to a fashion glossy, the 34-year-old actor said that there are certain things that she spends on but it’s very rare, especially when she has two kids and their school tuition.

H u d s o n reportedly is worth a whopping $38 million according to an online database. She lives in a $5.3 million mansion in California’s tony beach city, the Pacific Palisades, and she also apparently raked in a whopping $7 million for her recent hit movie Bride Wars. ANI

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