Miley Cyrus Shows Off

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Warning: This video might be NSFW, but really only if you stop the video at precisely the right time and have one of those fancy things that somehow makes video quality lots and lots better.

This is a teaser for Miley Cyrus’ new and upcoming likely-crappy video for “Adore You,” which is set to drop for December 26th, but if we know Miley even just a little bit, then she’ll probably have her way with us (and it — on it, that is) and drop it even sooner.

The video could actually pass for “better,” when you compare it Miley’s recent and ongoing twerking behaviors, but then the camera dips a little low and — oops! is that a nipple we see there? Because ugh, of course it is.

Thanks, Miley. Knew we “couldn’t” go a day without seeing some sexual part of your body. “Well played.”

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