Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone was the hottest thing in B-Town a year ago. But two films (Jism 2 and Jackpot) later, Bollywood seems to have lost interest in the actress.

The adult film actress was introduced to a whole new Indian audience after she made an entry in the reality show Bigg Boss. For a long time, it seemed like she was on the threshold of something big and would become a success story like the other West import — Katrina Kaif. But things didn’t pan out that way.

Chhoti films
Sunny landed her first film when she was in the BB house itself. Close on the heels of the Bhatt film she was offered Ragini MMS 2 by a prominent banner Balaji Motion Pictures. But the big filmmakers stayed away. As did the image-conscious big heroes. Perhaps she should have been patient. But when Sunny went and signed Jackpot and Tina and Lolo, she sealed her fate. The bigger heroes would have played the wait-and-watch game. Says an industry insider, “She already had one hit film and if she had a few more, they would have taken her seriously. After all the lucky tag has helped many actresses make a successful career here. But she just took up whatever came her way and from there on, things went downhill.”

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Bade heroes
An industry veteran who doesn’t wish to be named says, “All said and done, the film industry is a conservative place. No top hero will do a film with her. But she could still have landed some interesting films. She should have played her cards better. She should not have tried to compete with top actresses. That space was never for her. She had made some wrong moves and it may be irreversible.”

No classes or masses
Trade analyst Vikas Mohan says, “Sunny Leone does not have a future. The film which could have got her some mileage Balaji’s Ragini MMS 2 got postponed and Kaizad Gustad’s Jackpot which released this week is not hot at the box-office.

She has no other big films. Besides no producers are approaching her too. Sunny is known for her sex films. The Khans including Aamir, Salman and Shah Rukh or even Saif Ali Khan won’t sign a film with her because of her porn star image. They will only sign big stars or newcomers. Only those producers who are aiming for the front benchers because of her sex appeal might want to sign her, but she is not a draw even for the masses. She has no star pull at the BO and will be signed only by questionable producers wanting to make a quick buck at the BO.”

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The money factor
Amod Mehra says, “People are waiting and watching to see what is the BO result of her next two releases. That’s why she’s not been approached for any films yet. How will they sign her if all she can do are sex films? And now big producers are not making those kind of films. The B grade producers can’t afford her fee which is Rs 1-2 crore. So far she has been extremely lucky, thanks to some of our filmmakers who got tickled by employing a porn star and approached her for Hindi films. It’s true that people want to be titillated but when they have already seen everything why should they pay money to go and see again? Everyone knows she can’t act and doesn’t know Hindi. The only reason they would want to sign her is for her glamour and sex appeal. But today when the Censor Board is giving an A certificate on such films leading to loss of revenues producers are shying away from sex films. If she doesn’t get any more films after Ragini 2 releases she will have to go back to the US.”