Virat Kohli

If reports are to be believed, Virat Kohli spend New Year’s Eve at Anushka Sharma’s house. He is reported to have spend the whole night partying with Anushka and her friends at a private party hosted by Anushka in her duplex apartment. The cricketer reportedly left her house only the next day, afternoon.

Though Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli have time and again denied being in any relationship, we cannot help but wonder what’s cooking between them! According to reports, Virat Kohli was spotted at the Mumbai airport after touring South Africa on Tuesday, December 31st.

Virat waited at the airport while rest of the cricketers left in a bus. After a while, the cricketer was whisked away in a white Audi car with number 9045. However, his luggage was taken in a SUV Range Rover MH.02.CR.7272, the car in which Anushka has often spotted commuting.

Virat, who reached Anushka’s house after midnight left her house only on Wednesday (January 1st) afternoon.

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Though the two have always denied dating each other, Anushka Sharma recently accepted Virat visiting her in her house whenever he is in Mumbai. She had said, “I am not dating Virat. But I am friends with him. I think he is very well brought-up. Yes, when he is in Bombay, he does come and see me, which I think is pretty normal. If you are friends, you will see each other. But there’s no relationship.”

Wonder whether the two would like to change their statement now, or would prefer to keep it as it is – A SECRET!