Ranbir Kapoor Attend Deepika's Party

As we all know Deepika Padukone threw a grand celebration party on 21st of december. All the who’s who of Bollywood had attended Deepika’s bash. However the one person expected to show was Ranbir Kapoor who apparently missed the bash.

Rumours already had surfaced about Ranbir Kapoor attending the bash but on the D-day the actor was missing. Ranbir Kapoor reportedly missed the party and the reason reportedly is Katrina Kaif. We all know that Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone had previously dated each other and now both are moving on with their lives.

Deepika is currently dating Ram Leela co star Ranveer Singh where as Ranbir on the other hand is speculated to be dating Katrina(Kat) Kaif. Although the two still have not confirmed it to anyone, but when pictures of Katrina and Ranbir together in Ibiza went viral it was apparent the two are dating each other.

Apparently Katrina Kaif was not invited for the party and hence Ranbir also decided to give the party a miss. “Ranbir was not shooting on Saturday. It is clear that he did not want to attend the event. Ranbir was in no mood as Katrina apparently was not on the guest list,” a source said. On the other hand, a source close to Kaif replied: “I don’t think she was invited. She was shooting for a brand on that day.”

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Deepika had sarcastically commented on the ibiza pictures telling celebrities are under constant limelight so one needs to be more careful. Deepika also took a dig at Kat on the recent Koffee With Karan Show when she said she would like to see Kat’s passport. Judging by Deepika’s behaviour there’s clearly some animosity between her and Katrina because of which she didn’t invite Kat to the party.

Although Katrina wasnt very happy with Deepika’s remarks the main issue here is Ranbir Kapoor. Seems the handsome lad decided to stick up for Katrina in the end.