sonakshi sinha interview

How often do you travel? Is it for business or pleasure?

I travel very often and it’s mostly for work. Leisure travel is limited. I took my first vacation in the last two years this July. it was only for a week. I went to Barcelona and London. It was a much-needed break, I don’t know when I am going to get my next break.

What kind of a packer are you — last minute or meticulous?
I am a very light packer. I don’t mind shopping at the place that I am going to travel.

What do you focus on when travelling — food, theatre or art?
I like to take in the new sights. I like to shop when I am abroad.

Things that you never travel without?
My iPad, a foldable extra duffel bag and my sneakers.

Your favourite city in the world?
Barcelona… that’s the last place that I went to.

What do you prefer to use while travelling — cash, credit card or travel cheques?
Credit cards. They are lighter to carry around.

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Who packs for you?
I do the packing. I need to know where I have kept my things, otherwise I’ll be worried whether all that I need has been packed.

Your favourite travel companion would be?
My best friend.

One trip that is extremely special to you?
I think it would be Barcelona. It’s great to live anonymously…walk on the roads, cycle around and be on a tourist bus.

Do you follow your diet when on a trip?
No way. That’s the last thing on my mind. Also, one walks so much that one ends up burning all the calories that one consumes.