Noureen DeWulf Actress Noureen DeWulf of Anger Management fame on her Indian heritage, comic timing and love for films, especially Hindi cinema.

While she has a number of Hollywood films to her credit including Ocean’s Thirteen, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, and The Back-up Plan, Noureen DeWulf is best known for her role of Lacey in the popular sitcom Anger Management. The show, that airs on Comedy Central every Friday at 10 pm, also stars Charlie Sheen among a host of other actors. Noureen plays a rich girl and is definitely hard to miss with the bold dialogues belted out by her. She has joined Sheen’s therapy group for anger management. The actress talks to After Hrs about her role and more…

You’ve recently completed 55 episodes of Anger Management, how do you keep your role of Lacey on the show fresh and interesting?
The writers help me a lot. The current episode that’s airing in the US has Lacey showing her parents and soon her family too. So we always try to keep the character fun and interesting. It is a bit of a challenge.

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What facets do you enjoy about the character?
I love how much fashion means to her. Also, her ability to say what she’s thinking. Most of us don’t get to do that in real life. It’s fun — almost a release.

What is it like working with Charlie Sheen? Have you learnt anything from him about comic timing?
Definitely, he has excellent timing. The biggest thing I’ve learnt is to trust my instinct. Charlie doesn’t like rehearsals and the rapid pace with which we shoot has helped me grow as a comedian. In fact, Charlie has become a great friend. Spending 12 hours together on the sets really helps, and I do love him as a person.

You’ve also done some films, do you prefer the small or the big screen?
I like both. They’ve very different. A movie will last forever, whereas TV characters can die out in a few months. But I enjoy Anger Management as it forces me to rediscover what it is to be funny.

Tell us a bit about your role in Coffee Kill Boss? Which is your next release?
In the film I play the lead character, a temporary worker who joins the day of a corporate merger. One by one each of the board members start to die. It’s a bit of a whodunnit — a funny murder mystery. My next film is They Came Together with Paul Rudd that will release early next year.

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You’re born to Indian parents, how connected are you to your Indian roots?
My parents moved to the States in the 70s but I still have family in India. If anyone asks, I always say I’m from India. I do speak pretty good Hindi and in fact had a dialogue in my show in Hindi as well.

Is Bollywood on your mind?
I watch a lot of Bollywood films. I’d love to act in a film in India provided the right script comes to me at the right time. I have had a few offers but somehow they haven’t worked out. I’m also a huge fan of Shah Rukh Khan — he’s amazing and totally funny to watch.