I’m not giving Sana anything,says Sooraj Pancholi

Sooraj Pancholi

Sooraj Pancholi says he takes something from his sister every Raksha Bandhan

In his own words, “He’s the best brother ever.” But when it comes to giving gifts, Sooraj laughs it off, “I only take gifts from my sister.” While his sister Sana Pancholi has no interest in showbiz, the actor talks about the beautiful relationship he shares with his sister and why she will always be the most important person in her life forever…

Describe your sister in three words.
Funny, beautiful and supportive.

Three things about her that make her adorable.
Her laugh, her eyes, and her love.

What did you guys fight about most while growing up?
Almost everything. But we used to share the same bedroom, so we used to keep fighting about whose bedroom it is!

What sort of relation do you share?
I play the big brother, the protective one, even though she is older than me. With my sister, the equations have always been the same. Nothing has changed and it won’t.

Girlfriend or sister?
My sister any day. No other option exists for me.

Do you celebrate Rakhi every year?
Yes, in the most traditional way, with the aarti and the tika. It’s a ritual. The good thing is my sister always gets me diet laddoos every year, since I am very cautious about what I eat!

What are you giving her on this day?
I am not giving her anything, but I will be taking something from her. Every Rakhi, I have always been taking from her since years, so this year, too it will be the same thing. Hopefully, next year, when I start earning a lot more, I will definitely think of gifting her something nice.

What’s the best gift she has given you?
I always take cash from her and then buy what I want to, for myself. So cash is a good gift (Laughs). She’s bought me a nice laptop last year.

Do you discuss life problems with each other?
Yes, we do. She knows everything about my life. She always did and always will.

An instance when she made you cry?
At the trailer launch of Hero, she came. She was sitting in the audience and crying. So I cried.

What does Raksha Bandhan mean to you?
It’s a very special day. I don’t think any other culture has it. After all, a sister is the most important person in any brother’s lives.

Do you believe in customs and traditions?
I don’t believe in all of them, though. Some I do. I don’t celebrate Bhai Dooj, though.

Complete this sentence- A brother should always be…
Protective. That’s the most important quality a brother should have.

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