Ranveer Singh has revealed his new look and our ovaries just exploded. See pic

When has Ranveer Singh ever done anything by the book? The crazy, inspired ball of energy keeps his fans and the industry on their toes and Ranveer’s latest transformation — this time for clothing brand Jack N Jones — has again proved what we knew all along — when it is Ranveer, expect the unexpected. Dressed in a natty blue suit, holding a cane, Ranveer looks like a representative of the Devil himself — a dishy, handsome, can’t-take-your-eyes-off-him agent of chaos.

We have heard that actors have to undergo crazy transformation to get into the skin of their characters but this picture of Ranveer Singh is something else. We can deal with Ranveer and his fashion sense inspired by Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter but a Ranveer with dreadlocks and that piercing blue gaze?

While we know this is for his next shoot for Jack N Jones, the brand he endorses, but after looking at this picture, we would love to see him playing a dark character on-screen. What’s also interesting is the fact that he has merged his look with a subtle suited-booted avatar, changing the norms of how would one perceive a guy in such a formal dress. Well, going by the picture, we can say that the actor is best of both worlds.

Last time, Ranveer showcased his rapping skills while shooting for this brand. Now, this time, he has created an iconic look. His Bajirao Mastani look, especially that moustache, had gone on to become a style statement among men in India, now it seems Ranveer has already set a trend for this year. Yesterday, we saw him putting on the rapper’s hat and recording a number with pop-star Anushka Manchanda.

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