Emmy Rossum Goes Topless in Esquire January 2014

Emmy Rossum Goes ToplessWith the fourth season of her hit Showtime series “Shameless” slated to premiere on January 12th, Emmy Rossum scored a feature in the January 2014 issue of Esquire magazine.

While baring it all for the James White-shot spread, the “Beautiful Creatures” dame shared detailed stories about her pets and discussed being a star in Hollywood.

A few highlights from Miss Rossum’s interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to Esquire!

On her puppy Cinnamon:
“He was a present. I wanted a Rhodesian ridge back. But I had a really sh*tty boyfriend who gave him to me. And, of course, when a really cute dog shows up on your doorstep, you can’t be like, ‘Yeah, no.’ You’re like, ‘Oh, yay, puppy!’ Also: Never get your girlfriend a pet that she didn’t know she was getting.”

On her cat, Fiona:
“Oh, I don’t know. She’s huge. Let me go find her. Hey, kitty. I found her in Chicago. She was a stray, and she set up shop in my trailer. She was mean. I mean really mean. So this is Fiona G. Kitty. The ghetto kitty. I took her to a vet and they said she was probably dying of breast cancer. Cancer Kitty. I hate cats. But this cancer cat made me feel bad, so I was like, Okay, I’ll take her back to L. A. and give her her last six months of pain-free life. So I took her to the vet in L. A. and he was like, This is a beautiful cat. And I said, Yeah, but too bad about the cancer. And he said, What cancer? And I’m like, You know, the lump on her stomach. And he’s like, You mean the hernia? I can take that out when I neuter her. She’s gonna live twenty-five years! And I was like, You f***ing cat with your lying cancer sob story.”

On her thoughts about the TV show “My Strange Addiction”:
“The weirdos that are on there are so fascinating. My favorite episode is where the guy has a relationship with his car. An intimate and sexual and emotional relationship with his car.”

On her dead body discovery:
“Last weekend, I was pulling out of my house, and I saw a body in the road and blood everywhere. This guy had been hit by a car. I called 911 and stayed with him. You see how lucky you are to just be alive.”

On her hate for stardom:
“All the Hollywood bulls*** and accolades and money really doesn’t matter. It just gives you a slightly nicer house and slightly nicer food and slightly shinier hair.”

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