Coming up with an idea for a second date may seem like a challenge for most people. You have already made a good impression, but where do you take your date now?  Of course, you can repeat your previous endeavor and go to the same place for the second time, but that is just boring and uncreative. A proper second date usually involves movement. Places where you have the opportunity to move around, flirt more and get to know each other better.

Flea market. If you’ve never been to a flea market before, you will find it incredibly fascinating and full of things you have never seen before. This will allow for an endless amount of conversation to take place. The dynamics of the second date are what will make her remember it for a long time coming. A common sight in such places is live music and various interesting food stands. In order for your date to remember the occasion, make sure you get her a souvenir of some sort from the place.  

Live music. If you want to experience an explosion of emotions, you should give live music a shot. It is also an excellent way to establish a connection with your date. Keep in mind that you should aim for a small concert in some club or restaurant. Do not bother spending big money to watch some popular star perform, especially if the concert takes place at some stadium, where you will find it hard to communicate.

Bowling. If you want something that is both relaxing and active at the same time, give bowling a shot. Obviously, make sure that the girl will enjoy it and does not consider herself to be too cool for it. In the event that she agrees, you will know that she isn’t afraid to get active and have some fun.

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Cinema. A classic place to invite your date to, as long as it isn’t on the first date. Premieres are always nice, but in case you want some alone time, check out some movies that have been in the cinema for a while. The hall will be half empty, if not fully. Make sure to consider the viewer’s interests of your date. A safe bet is to opt for light films like comedies.

Dinner at home. Women love a man that knows how to cook, it`s easy to understand if you check some single women profiles on the internet. There is no need to cook anything extravagant, as this meeting is aimed at demonstrating some of the more primitive and simple cooking skills. No 5-star dishes required. It is recommended that you begin cooking after your date already arrives, and make sure you have some wine at your disposal.

The mall. The mall is the perfect to place to simply walk around and look at the available inventory without the need to actually buy anything. This allows you to experience your date in a natural environment that is also quite relaxing. This will also let you learn about some of your date’s tastes, which brands she likes and how she usually handles the money aspect of shopping. The guy will immediately understand if the girl can save money, and she, in turn, will see how generous her new young man is. This is one of the best ideas for a second date.

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Bicycle ride. A great second date idea is to just invite the girl to a quiet bike ride in the nearest area: this can be a picturesque view or an interesting city quarter. Do not tell your date where you plan on going. Add some mystery to your little adventure. Take her for a ride will give you an understanding of whether or not she is capable of leaving her comfort zone and if she is capable of having fun. Do warn her in advance that she wears comfortable clothes like shorts or jeans.

Picnic. A trouble-free option that is also a classic is the picnic date. It is a good way to diversify the city life your date is used to. As a variant, you can head out to some of the local parks in your city, or you can go to a lake or even the beach if there is one nearby. One of the better ideas for a second date.

Remember, that the best way to create sexual tension is to remind her of it in conversation. Let your girl know that she leads you to overly ambiguous thoughts when she is near you, wherever you are. The most important component of a great second date is a calm or active activity. This will allow both of you to enjoy yourself, be yourself and create a relaxed atmosphere. Now you know some of the best second date ideas, so go out there and charm her.