I Don't Want Communal Fans: Salman Khan

Salman Khan made it very clear- he doesn’t want to be surrounded by people who have timid, oppressive, phobic minds. In a bold statement, he clarified that he doesn’t need fans who think on communal ground. This could be boldest opinion any star would have made in the history of Bollywood films.Instead of mending his ways to make a deal with the corrupt, Salman took a remarkable stand.

All of these started with a tweet of media person and film analyst, Komal Nahta as he said that the unbelievably low opening collection of Jai Ho could have resulted from the cold reaction of one section of Salman’s Muslim fans. He tweeted, “”Figures prove dat a section of Muslims has boycottd salman’s JaiHo coz dey havn’t liked his comments on modi.Wil the hero do damage control?”

Earlier, Salman visited Gujarat CM Narendra Modi and praised him a great man. This created a furore in the country, especially among Muslim clerics who asked their followers to boycott Dabangg Khan’s latest film. When quizzed about this, Salman said, “This is false reason and it should not be promoted”. He added, “It might be possible that they must have not liked the movie. They might have not liked its content. But this reason (what Komal Nahta gave) is false and shouldn’t be promoted.”

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The Jai Ho actor sharply criticized the ones who think in communal terms and said he doesn’t need such fans. He explained, “In our film industry there is no Hindu, no Muslim, no Sikh and no Christian. We all one, we all humans. We all entertainers. And that what we do. And I do not believe that my fans will listen to any of this rubbish and not going to watch movie. It might be possible that they must have not liked the movie. If this is to be a reason, than i am going to be embarrassed with that particular fans and I don’t want them to be my fans.”

Very vivid on his ideals and stand, Salman Khan curtly said, “If they (one section of his fans) can’t understand love, emotion,respect and the need of doing the right thing, then I rather have this film be the biggest disaster than it working for wrong reasons.”

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It looks like Salman still is not able to get rid of his character ‘Jai’ of Jai Ho from his mind. In an industry where every star makes umpteen numbers of compromises to achieve success, Salman Khan becomes a pleasant rarity by being honest and ultra bold.