Kamasutra 3D

Rupesh Paul’s ‘Kamasutra 3D’, with Sheryln Chopra in the lead, is in contention for the Best Feature Film, Original Score and Original songs in the 86th Academy Awards; Marathi movie ‘Touring Talkies’ is also in contention for The Best Feature Film category.

Rupesh Paul’s multi- lingual film, Kamasutra 3D featuring Sherlyn Chopra in the lead, is in contention for the 86th Academy Awards in 3 categories. The movie has been selected for the Best Feature Films, Original Scores and Original Songs category. The list was announced on Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences official Website on Monday.

Kamasutra 3D has a strong competition from Tom Hanks-starrer Captain Phillips, The Conjuring, Diana, The Fifth Estate, Gravity, The Great Gatsby, The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Jobs, Rush, Saving Mr. Banks and The Wolf Of Wall Street.

The five songs in contention Aygiri Nadani, Har Har Mahadeva, I Felt, Of The Soil and Sawariya are penned by Rupesh Paul and Pratyush Prakash while Chennai based Sachin and Sreejith are the music directors.

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Kamasutra 3D by director Rupesh Paul is based on Vatsyayana’s famous creation of Kamasutra. Set in the backdrop of the ancient, Kamasutra 3D is about the journey of a beautiful Indian Princess, who sets sail in the search of her husband. In her voyage, she undergoes through the transformations in her body, mind and soul with a fellow passenger who takes her though the forbidden world of sexual love and sensuality.

Viewer discretion is advised. Mature, adult content in the video below.


Marathi movie Touring Talkies directed by Gajendra Ahire has also been selected for the 86th Academy Awards in the Best Features Film category. The film has Subodh Bhave and Neha Pense in the lead along with Vaibhav Mangle and Kishore Kadam in supporting role.

Indian cinema which had started with the age old tradition of showing movies in travelling tents known as the Touring Talkies. For about half a century now, they have been a regular feature in most of the Jatra’s (Spritual Fair’s) taking place across Maharastrian villages where Marathi cinema comes alive in the most unique fashion.

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The cinema is about a girl, Chandni, who runs a touring talkies along with the help of her brother, who aspires to be a director.