A month back, reports started doing the rounds that Mallika Sherawat has been evicted from her house in Paris along with her ‘husband’ of two years, Cyrille Auxenfans. As per the reports, the ‘couple’ has been staying at a luxurious house in the elite 16th arrondissement in the French capital and they haven’t paid 80,000 euros (approximately Rs. 61 lakh) since a year. The matter was taken to court. When contacted, Mallika Sherawat vehemently denied these reports. She said the news is baseless and that neither owns an apartment nor rents one in Paris. Meanwhile, a BBC report stated Mallika Sherawat and Cyrille Auxenfans’s lawyer Olivier Mayrand went on record to say that the couple wanted to show their annoyance by not paying rent since Mallika was attacked in the building’s lobby in November last year. The prowlers hid their faces behind scarves and sprayed tear gas before punching and robbing the couple. Mallika said that this piece of information is also false and that they she doesn’t have a lawyer named Olivier Mayrand.

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However, the claims made by Mallika Sherawat proved false yesterday. A French court on Tuesday ordered that Mallika Sherawat be evicted from the apartment in questions due to non-payment of dues. The court asked her and Cyrille Auxenfans to pay 78787 euros (Rs. 59.87 lakh) in rent owed and expenses and also allowed their furniture to be seized.

The couple had begun renting this posh apartment from January 1 last year for a monthly sum of 6054 euros (Rs. 4.60 lakh). But they simply made a single payment of 2715 euros (approximately Rs. 2.06 lakh) and never made any other payment after that. The couple’s lawyer argued that both Mallika Sherawat and Cyrille Auxenfans are in financial difficulty, also adding that Mallika’s nature of work is ‘irregular’. But the owners of the apartment claimed that she had earned millions during the rental period.

Mallika Sherawat and Cyrille Auxenfans are expected to appeal the eviction order. Also, the court has said that they cannot be thrown out of their apartment until March 31.

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