Bigg Boss 7 WInner

As Bigg Boss 7 comes to an end, everyone is speculating over the name of the winner from the four finalists — Gauahar Khan, Sangram Singh, Ejaz Khan and Tanishaa. But if sources are to be believed the winner has already been decided.  Says a source, “Apparently, Gauahar has been getting the highest number of votes — over a lakh — despite being a loud mouth and not very popular with the inmates. She has a clear edge over the rest.

Sangram, who enjoyed a squeaky clean image till now, suddenly is being portrayed in a negative light with two fights this week — one with Ejaz and another with his friend Andy.” Meanwhile, there are also rumours over how she is garnering so many votes. Adds the source, “There’s also a buzz that one of her wealthy ex-boyfriends is helping her from outside to garner such huge number of votes.” The reality show is not new to controversies which add to its high TRPs, and with such stories doing the rounds, one may wonder if this is just another way to attract more eyeballs.

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