If your apartment does not have a lot of space for the kitchen, this is no reason to get frustrated. This is an excuse to effectively use every inch of space. We have gathered for you some practical tips that will make it possible to achieve both ergonomics and aesthetic appeal. Read our article about small kitchen design ideas​ and surprise your beloved with your ingenuity.

Put the Baskets on Top

Metal baskets, placed on the cupboard, will create new storage areas for small items and detergents that are not fit in the closet. You will clearly see their contents and you will not forget about it. Just try to keep the baskets in order, not in chaos. Kitchen design ideas are useless if you do not care about order in your house.

Start Thinking Narrowly

If there is a narrow space between the sidewall of the refrigerator and the wall, less than 30 cm, where no standard locker can fit, place a high drawer on the wheels there. You can store conservation, empty cans and cereals on it. If there are no craftsmen in the house, order such a shelf for craftsmen-furniture makers. And if there are craftsmen, all that is needed for such a design is several sheets of plywood, small wheels-rollers, white paint, screws and drill. You will find them in any shop for repair. Draw a design and act! Small kitchen designs ideas are simple and you can implement their by yourself.

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Empty the Space Around the Sink

The sink looks sloppy if there are wet sponges and rags next to it, as well as bottles with detergent. There is no place Under the sink? Hang the plastic organizers on the walls of the closets and remove all dishwashing detergent in them. Kitchen ideas and designs should be effective and this idea completely correspond it.

In a Suspended State

Low budget kitchen design ideas are all about imagination. Here is the original idea to use hanging shelves on two sides: put heavy jars and containers above, and from below  suspend jars of spices. How to do it without the help of a magnet? Very simply: screw the metal covers of the jars to the shelf with screws. To take spices, you just have to turn the jar and remove it from the lid, and then screw it back. Effective, simple and original!

Hidden Content

If you do not have a container for empty packages from stores, use empty boxes of cosmetic napkins. Thanks to the slots, the packages will always be convenient to get. By the way, single ukrainian women are crazy about those slots.

Construct a Vertical

A wooden stand (pallet) for goods that are usually used in stores can be converted into an additional storage space for kitchen utensils by a small improvement. The board should be painted white, fasten the hinges to it. Then build shelves for jars and bottles in the upper part , and at the bottom attach a magnet for knives and hooks for cups. Your vertical is ready!

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Point to the Door

If a plastic paper container is attached to the inside door of the cabinet, then it can store rolls of foil, bags and paper for baking.

On an Inclined Plane

If you have an imitation of a sliding shelf under your sink, this sloping door can also be used for storage. Attach to it from the inside any narrow organizer – this will be a secret place for sponges and rags.

A Bench Instead Of Chair

The bench in the kitchen takes up less space than the chairs, besides it can be made a storage box underneath, and the bench itself can be ennobled with soft seats and comfortable cushions. Decorating such a bench is a great pleasure and a real fun!

The Lid is no Longer a Hindrance!

Due to the protruding handle, the lids from the pots are very difficult to store. You can find a place for them in a deep drawer, placing the covers vertically to the wall, handles inward, and separating them with a rod from the rest of the dishes.