India is a land filled with rich stories of gods, mystics and demons. Every child in India has grown up knowing the names of the legendary Pandavas from Mahabharat, but fails to recall anyone apart from Duryodhana & Dushasana when it comes to the Kauravas. Although they lost the biggest battle of their lives, mythology needs to remember their names, for posterity’s sake!

Paying homage to the villains of the tale of Mahabharata, Culture Machine, the digital video entertainment company  and Schitzengiggles have created a song that takes an almighty dig at the Kauravas, who unwittingly involved getting killed in horrendous ways.  Diving deep into mythology, they have unearthed the entire list of 104 Kauravas and honor the gallant losers by creating the Kaurava song! Sung in a single breathless take, the feat of reciting 104 names non-stop is as epic as the video itself.

Check out the tribute to those who perhaps had the most to lose in the Mahabharata:

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