Taylor Swift

Hollywood musician Taylor Swift has already begun 2016 with a bang by releasing a brand new music video for her song Out of the Woods. The singer has shown a powerful message through the video which can be understood only if you watch it till the very end. Out of the Woods is however another heartbreak song from Taylor Swift, but the video team has done a great job by giving us something different. The music as well as the visuals blend in magically giving a mystique feeling till the end.

Out of the Woods is a powerful music video about finding our inner self after being left heartbroken by someone. Taylor Swift has stuck to her usual theme of the song but has however made it clear that she is no longer playing the damsel in distress, but has in fact taken charge of her life and doesn’t care about her hurtful past. The same is shown in the music video which sees her in a beautiful blue dress almost looking like Alice in Wonderland especially with all the wonderful graphics.

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The video starts off with Taylor standing at the beach staring at the sunset, soon the place around her turns into a forest and pulls her inside this mess of darkness, creatures following her to hurt her while she keeps running aimlessly. The video depicts how one gets lost in the forest of love after having a heartbreak, ending up hurting themselves even more. Towards the end despite all the hardships, Taylor gets Out of the Woods and reunites with herself. Thus the quote, “She lost him. But she found herself.”

Taylor Swift officially made 2015 her year with the release of her album 1989 which became a hit instantaneously. Followed by sick music videos of ‘Shake it Off’, ‘Bad Blood’, ‘Blank Space’ and ‘Wildest Dreams’. And now it looks like she is all set to maintain her rep in 2016. Watch Out of the Woods music video here: