OMG! Ranbir Kapoor Gives Ex-Flame Deepika Padukone A Steamy Hot Kiss

Ranbir Kapoor Gives Ex-Flame Deepika Padukone

When you love someone with all the passion that exist, the love the hotness and the fondness is clearly reflected in the kiss that you share with your partner. The kiss of love signifies your emotions but when you are asked to give a passionate, loving and affectionate kiss to your ex-lover on-screen with perfection can you do it? Well our stars Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone can sure proof to you that they know how to keep their personal issues aside and give their best on-screen.

The two hottest stars of our industry will soon be seen together after a long time as an on-screen couple in Imtiaz Ali’s, ‘Tamasha’. If sources are to believed they both have to portray a lot of love, affection and passion in the movie which must look real. We have got our hands on some steamy photos where we see the stars kiss each other in great passion. There is a love-making scene too in the movie but that has been kept short, crisp and to the point but the kissing scenes are a little longer and a little more exquisite.

Tamasha brings two ex-lovers back on the silver screen again and what more can you ask for from director Imtiaz Ali. The film decodes relationships and much more. Director Imtiaz Ali has come up with a film that says “Why always the same story?” It’s a personal journey yet passionate and quirky that dismantles Ranbir’s life so that he can become what actually world wants him to be.

The trailer already makes us want to watch more of the film and as we all know Ranbir and Deepika are known as golden pair of the industry and excitement among the fans to see them together once again is high! The film all set to hit theatres on November 27, 2015!

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