Karishma Tanna Bikini Photos: Karishma Tanna is very active on social media and now when she shared pictures chilling in the pool with husband Varun Bangera, she too did not take long to go viral. In a blue bikini, this actress is seen giving romantic poses with Varun in the pool.

Karishma Tanna, who became a bride in February this year, has now entered the pool. Seeing this style of Karishma, wearing a blue bikini, the heartbeat of the fans has intensified. Seeing the latest pictures of Karishma, the fans are seen filling their eyes. (Photo – Social Media)

The special thing is that Karishma is not seen alone in the pool but with hubby Varun Bangera and the romance of both is clearly visible in the water. Karishma is seen giving a lot of romantic poses, sometimes sitting on her chest and sometimes sitting on her back. (Photo – Social Media)

Karishma Tanna is not only one of the most beautiful actresses in the industry, but the magic of her bold acts also works well. Karishma Tanna, who is very active on social media, often shares her videos and photos. (Photo – Social Media)

Now it is summer, so Karishma Tanna got down in the pool to chill and had a lot of fun with husband Varun. Now these pictures have also become viral on social media as soon as Karishma Tanna shared it. (Photo – Social Media)

Both were married on February 5 this year, whose video and photo were very much on social media. Now Karisma is often seen spending quality time with Varun. Karishma Tanna’s web series Hush-Hush has been released only last week. (Photo – Social Media)