This is arguably Vogue India’s most interesting September Issue and obviously the biggest reason for that is the guest editor, Sabyasachi Mukherjee. But even stepping aside from that, the cover shoot is nearly perfect and successfully holds the interest of the viewer. The photographer has done a wonderful job of capturing the essence of being a Global Star and that’s truly commendable.

My only issue here, which is quite a big one mind you, is the styling. One can tell when a non-Indian is styling Indian outfits because the result is almost always messy and ambitiously naive. The western looks are simply flawless, but I cannot stand the looks that featured Sabyasachi’s outfits – which is weird as he was also co-styling (and is very controlling of how his garments are showcased in editorials). Whatever may be the situation, the end result had the garments fighting with each other instead of complimenting one another and I found that quite bothersome.