From her cinematic debut amid the bustling streets of Mumbai in “Patthar Ke Phool” to embodying a ruthless character in her latest web series “Karmma Calling,” Raveena Tandon has skillfully portrayed diverse roles that resonate across generations.


In the pages of Femina’s February 2024 issue, the versatile artist provides a fascinating peek into her approach to role selection, delving into the transformative shifts that have influenced her recent projects. The Cover Story unfolds an exclusive narrative of the actor’s remarkable journey.

Sharing insights, Raveena Tandon expresses, “It is my strong belief that every day is a new chapter and a new learning experience. I never close myself off to that, as I am a director’s actor. I leave myself at home when I’m on set, handing myself over to the director to mold me into the character that is solely his or her vision.”

“In ‘Karmma Calling,’ I portray an unapologetically rich and powerful high-society lady, the ultra-glamorous Indrani Kothari, who doesn’t shy away from deceit or betrayal. What excites me is doing something completely different from what I’ve done before, and Indrani was just that,” she added.

Raveena Tandon further reflects, “I don’t expect anything from anything or anyone. If it comes to you, great; it will be a pleasant surprise. If it doesn’t, you continue putting in your hard work and leave it to the audiences and to fate. It’s something I learned from my dad and never let go of.”

In this candid interview, Raveena radiates positivity and resilience, transcending the noise of trolls and embracing the joys of family and career with grace.